Crapper Wrapper

Transforming portable toilets into something people actually want in their pictures.
Portable toilets are ugly yet somehow end up in every picture.

Portable toilets are ugly. We try to hide them as best we can but they still seem to end up in every picture. The beautiful backyard wedding, a park on the lake, concerts, high school and college sporting events, Golf courses, you name it, there they are.

Crapper Wrappers really can transform the ugly portable toilet into something that people want in their pictures, people will actually pose for pictures with them. No more ruined landscape photos, no more ruined action shots, no more ruined selfies with your BFFs.

  • Wrappers turn toilets into Time Machines, historic icons and movie props.

  • Really, you have a Time Machine parked where your toilet used to be?

  • Yep, 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Percent funded on KickStarter

The "Wrappers"

Transforming that ugly portable toilet into something people will actually pose for pictures with.

Police Call Box

aka The Turdis
The Police Call Box, made famous by Dr. Who as the time and space machine Tardis, has landed in your yard, site, or even Golf course.

English Phone Booth

aka London Calling
A traditional look from England, complete with crown, oddly parked in the middle of only you know where.

American Phone Booth

aka Bill & Ted
The all American phone booth, made famous by Bill & Ted, Superman, The Matrix, and Dirty Harry. Located in the middle of the desert, and in the heart of New York City this Old School phone booth is very well known.

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